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Revacil (20 litres)

Revacil  (20 litres)

Product Information
 4 x 5 litre containers.

  • Clean, crystal clear water
  • No Chemical Odor
  • No Red Eye or dry skin
  • Revatop 36 
  • 3 easy steps to maintain your pool

Pool owners worldwide have been using and enjoying Revacil Products for over 15 years now.

Revatop 36 is the strongest swimming pool clarifier on the market today, (33% stronger). When used just once a month, Revatop 36 will provide you with an immediate shock action that is harmless to the environment. Revatop 36 turns into water and oxygen after treating your pool. Revatop 36 is used in step 3 of the Revical 3-step pool care system and should be used in conjunction with other products.



Revacil is a highly effective biguanide based swimming pool sanitizer and algistat with no chlorine. This biguanide based product has been fully tested all over the world.  It is a powerful




bactericide that is not agressive to humans or the environment.


Revacil Sanitizer is highly stable; it is not affected by heat, sunlight or changes in pH. Say goodbye to Red Eyes and itchy dry skin.



Revacil can easily replace chlorine or bromine in all types of pools. Once your pool is clear of all traces of chlorine or bromine you can start using this programs treatments.






Please note that you will need to buy all four products listed in the program below seperately, this is so you can buy individual replacement products as and when you need to replenish your supplies without buying an expensive complete kit each time.






The Revacil 3-step pool care system is simple ;





  1. Every Saturday, test your Revacil Level with Revacil 4 in 1 Test Strips and adjust your Ravacil Sanitizer level up to 50ppm.
  2. Every Saturday, add 8 oz. of Revablue algaecide per 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  3. Every 3-4 weeks, add 1 gallon of Revatop 36 per 10,000 gallons of pool water. (Revatop 36 is the most concentrated swimming pool clarifier available; 36% hydrogen peroxide).





Please note, that it is equally important to still balance your swimming pool water as with all chlorine sanitised pools. Keeping your swimming pool water balanced is essential to your enjoyment of your pool. Water is balanced when Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness are all within their proper range. Problems arise when any of these three vital factors are either too high or too low.


Unbalanced water can damage pool equipment. Water will become corrosive (Corrosive water attacks your metal components: pitting, etching and staining them) or cause the formation of scale deposits (Scale formationcause cloudy water, surface staining, short filter cycling and reduce efficiency of your pool chemicals and equipment).









If your pool is either painted or made of concrete with a finish layer of cement, it is recommended to acid wash your pool surface to remove any chlorine residue that might have been fixed in the coating.








REVACIL SANITIZER is not compatible with copper/silver ions: IMPORTANT: The REVACIL consumption might be high the first couple of weeks if there are any trace of copper/silver ions in your water. Until all these ions are eliminated from your water, you might see some pink foam.

Price: 415.50

Product Code: PAPCHB9004
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