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Many swimming pool owners are changing to UV due to its advantages over the current, generally chemical based, pool water disinfection methods.

Pools treated with UV offer the following benefits:

  • Simpler and safer water treatment management.
  • Chlorine Requirement reduction by up to 60%
  • Reduction of chloramines and other pollutants.
  • No more sore eyes and dry skin.
  • UV treatment is environmentally friendly.

The Relax UV disinfection system is designed for the following applications:

  • Swimming pools (private use).
  • Commercial Spas.
  • Hydrotherapy Pools.

How it Works

  • The sterilisation ability of UV has been well proven in a multitude of water applications. Pathogenic micro-organisms are destroyed following exposure to UV energy (light).
  • Re-circulated water from the pool is pumped through the UV unit before being returned to the pool, clean and bacteria free.
  • The pool water to be treated is constantly re-circulated through the UV unit (positioned after the pool’s filters), giving a continuous level of water treatment.
  • A small quantity of sanitiser is still required to give a ‘residual’ treatment to the pool water.

Constant, Odour and Irritation Free Water Purification

Simpler and safer water treatment management.

Simple to install and simple to maintain, the popularity of the UV disinfection technique is due to the ease and efficiency in which it treats swimming pool water.  A constant rate of water treatment gives a more stable water purity level that is simpler to manage, with reduced chemical input.

Chlorine requirement reduced by 60%

A correctly sized UV system can reduce the need for chlorine by up to 60%.  A small quantity of chlorine (or bromine) is still required to give an in-pool residual treatment and to maintain clean pool surfaces.

Elimination of chlorine based irritation and odour

When chloramines and similar compounds are exposed to sufficient UV energy, they are broken down.  This reduces the odour and irritation problems that are usually prevalent, leaving cleaner, sweeter-smelling water and giving an enhanced bathing experience.

Does the size of the pool matter?

Plastica’s “Relax” UV sterilisers are able to cater for most sizes and types of pools by matching the correct UV unit to each application.

The re-circulation requirements for the pool determine the capacity of the UV unit, for example, if an average 50 cubic metre pool requires re-circulation every 4 hours, a UV unit with a 13 cubic metres/hour capacity will be necessary, which requires an 80 watt unit.

1. 80 watt unit suitable for pools with a turnover of up to 15 cubic metre/hour.

2. 120 watt unit suitable for pools with a turnover of up to 20 cubic metre/hour.

Price: 1780.25

Product Code: PAUVS080
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